Pictured are some of the Assumption Straight Shooters who competed in the recent state archery tournament.

HIBBING — The Assumption Straight Shooters shot amazing and did some personal bests at the Minnesota State Archery Tournament recently

Fourteen archers shot their first state tournament, according to coach Paula Kangas. The Hibbing team recorded 3,036 pionts which placed it 21st out of 23 teams.

“I am very proud of all the archers,” said Kangas.”They worked hard and many did their best.”

Elementary, Middle, and Emma Kangas (top 10 individual) all qualified for the national tournament.

The High School team was led by Kaitlynn Turner who placed 15th out of 255 girls with her personal best of score 284. Rylee Kuusisto shot her personal best with a 279 and ranked 35th. Rex Sever shot his personal best 276 and was 45th out of 271 boys. Dominic Marchetti finished strong with a 274 in 66th position.

“The High School team was small this year but overall they gave a great effort,” Kangas said. “They did not make Nationals, but we are not losing any archers for next year. They will come back strong.”

The Middle School team came out firing with Preston Turner leading the way with 277 which put him in 18th place out of 373 boys. Sydney Scipioni had 270 which put her in 45th place out of 313 girls. Matthew Rowland did his personal best of the season with 269 and in 51st place. They placed 12th out of 28 teams and qualified for Nationals. It will be making the trip to Louisville, Ky., in May. Kangas said team members will be working hard rest of the month to achieve bigger goals for Nationals.

The Elementary School team did very well with more than half of the archers there their first time. Many were nervous and did their best. This team also qualified for Nationals and ended up in eighth place. Emma Kangas led the way with 265 placed which put her 10th out of 158 girls. It was her personal best. She also earned an individual trip by placing in the top 10 of the State. Joseph Marchetti placed 37th out of 161 boys with a 245. Siddalee Crego did her best of the season with 233.

“I am sure proud of the team and the new ones that shot. Next year will even be better with their experience they have gained,” Kangas said.


girls 158

boys 161

10th Emma Kangas 265-personal best

37th Joseph Marchetti 245-way to step up!

55th Siddalee Crego 233-best of the season

63rd Medora Sparkman 228

66th Ben Masheimer 222

81st McGuire Persson 217

94th Maggie Cary 208

100th Joseph Maxwell 208

104th Katie Pierce 203

115th Kael Burkes 199

130th Brennen Jerkovich 188

137th Landon Tokarczyk 178

142nd Jack Bottoms 176

124th Emma Stein 175

154th Ayden Osterhoudt 140

144th Mariah Moberg 131

Team Points 2594 and placed 8th of 10 teams


girls 313


19th Preston Turner 277-impressive

45th Sydney Scipioni 270-Super shooter

51st Matthew Rowland 269-personal best!!

66th Benedict Zollar 266

115th Evan Scaia 258-best for season

111th Elisabeth Moberg 257

132nd David Strukel 256-personal best

114th Madelynn Helms 256-wow!!

143rd Vincent Marchetti 255-really came through at the end

136th Christina Jacobson 252

167th Elijah Turner 251-best of season!

179th Jacob Petrich 250

177th Emma Musel 243

192nd Ava Bougalis 241

246th Aaron Rolf 237

276th Hunter Twomey 230

239th Chloe Wojciehowski 228

243rd Abigail Helms 227

322nd Alex Hanegmon 217

340th Ayden Jerkovich 209

278th Ava Pederson 206

283rd Olivia Sallila 202-best of the season!!

Team points 3117 placed 12th of 28 teams. There was only 109 points from us to a trophy.


girls 255


15th Kaitlynn Turner 284-Extremely proud

35th Rylee Kuusisto 279---WOW!!! from 255 to this!! Hard work paid off!

45th Rex Sever 276-Focused!!

66th Dominic Marchetti 274-way to go!!

108th Emily Marchetti 262

159th Connor Dudek 257-personal best!! up over 20 points!

175th Andrew DeGroot 254

171st MaKenna Kriske 248

228th Zoe Kriske 229

233rd Kaleah Crego 226

244th William Zollar 226

251st Matthew Osterhoudt 221


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