The Assumption Straight Shooter Archery team competed in a NASP archery meet at the school in Mt. Iron recently. Pictured at left is Emma Kangas, who was first at both the Mesabi East and MI-B tournaments, and at right is Alessia Bretto, who was fifth at Mesabi East.

MT. IRON — The Assumption Straight Shooter Archery team competed in a NASP archery meet at the the school in Mt. Iron recently.

The Elementary School team took second place behind Mesabi East with a score of 2,629 and the Middle School squad also was second out of nine teams with a score of 3,029.

The Assumption team did a great job of representing the community and there were plenty of personal bests for students, and even first-time award winners, according to team coach Paula Kangas.

Third graders shot their first tourney this year and did amazing with third grade female rankings being Ellie Baudeck, first, Isabella Wiita, fourth, Olivia Theien, fifth, and Addison Shay, sixth.

Third grade male rankings were Jack Kroll, fourth, Samuel Milkovich, fifth, Daxton Cary, sixth, Calvin Skaja, ninth, Connor Heaton, 10th, and Louis Skaja, 14th.

“The Elementary team did a great job of boosting more points to their team score and had some personal bests,” Kangas said.

Fourth grade female rankings were Emma Kangas, first, McGuire Persson, ninth, Katie Pierce, 12th, and Blayke Swanger, 14th.

Fourth Grade male rankings were Jack Bottoms, third, Ben Masheimer, fifth, Joseph Maxwell, sixth, Brennen Jerkovich, seventh, and Landon Tokarczyk, ninth.

Fifth grade female rankings were Medora Sparkamn in fourth and Maggie Cary, 17th. Fifth grade male rankings wasAyden Osterhoudt in eighth.

Middle School placed very high and earned its first second place finish in a long time, according to Kangas. Middle School femal rankings were Sydney Scipioni, second, (first ever medal winner and personal best), Elisabeth Moberg, ninth, and notable Chloe Wojciehowski, 27th.

Middle School male rankings were Preston Turner, seventh, Benedict Zollar, 10th, Evan Scaia, 37th, Hunter Twomey, 39th, and David Strukel, 42nd. Most these above all had their personal best for the season.

The High School team did not have a qualifying score but all but two had their personal best. Notable was Kaitlynn Turner in 10th, Rex Sever was 22nd, and Rylee Kuusisto was 32nd.

“Our next meet will be in Hill City on March 9,” Kangas said. “This tourney will be our last of the regular season before regions on March 16, and state at the DECC in Duluth on March 29 and 30. I am so excited to see where they can go from there. Thanks to our Assumption School staff and parish for supporting us along with our amazing sponsors. You all make these archers do their best and we could not do it without you all.”

3rd Grade

1st 169 Ellie Baudeck

4th 142 Isabella Wiita

5th 107 Olivia Theien

6th 76 Addison Shay

4th 157 Jack Kroll

5th 154 Sam Jacobsen

6th 148 Daxton Cary

9th 136 Calvin Skaja (one ten)

10th 136 Connor Heaton

14th 63 Louis Skaja

4th Grade

girl 36

boys 20

1st 248 Emma Kangas

3rd 233 Jack Bottoms

5th 231 Ben Masheimer

6th 218 Joseph Maxwell

7th 215 Brennen Jerkovich

9th 205 McGuire Persson

9th 203 Landon Tokarczyk

12th 186 Katie Pierce

14th 183 Blakye Swanger

21st 169 Alexa Bougalis

29th 136 Mariah Moberg

5th Grade

girls 37

boys 44

4th 246 Medora Sparkman

8th 245 Ayden Osterhoudt

17th 216 Maggie Cary

28th 167 Siddalee Crego

33rd 129 Kenedi Koland

36th 99 Emma Stein

Middle School

girls 86

boys 99

2nd 275 Sydney Scipioni

7th 269 Preston Turner

10th 267 Benedict Zollar

9th 263 Elisabeth Moberg

27th Chloe Wojciehowski

35th 245 Madelynn Helms

34th 245 Christina Jacobson

37th 245 Evan Scaia

38th 244 Emma Musel

39th 243 Hunter Twomey

42nd 241 David Strukel

43rd 240 Matthew Rowland

46th 236 Abigail Helms

59th 233 Alex Hanegmon

63rd 230 Ayden Jerkovich

50th 230 Ava Bougalis

64th 229 Jacob Petrich

70th 225 Aaron Rolf

57th 223 Ava Pederson

63rd 220 Lucianna Bretto

76th 214 Elijah Turner

High School

girls 81

boys 62

10th 275 Kaitlynn Turner

22nd 265 Rex Sever

28th 263 Andrew DeGroot

32nd 255 Rylee Kuusisto

35th 253 Ariel Jacobson

45th 246 William Zollar

48th 237 Matthew Osterhoudt

51st 232 Connor Dudek

66th 226 Kaleah Crego


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