Grand Rapids finally got some very competitive racing in after having two weeks off due to the Fourth of July and a rain out.

It was a nice warm day for racing and 85 cars came ready for some fun racing. This week was Meet the Drivers Night so before racing kicked off, all the racers lined up on the track in front of the grandstands so kids could go down and meet the drivers, get goodies, and autographs.

This week, all seven classes were at the track as well so there was more racing and the kids got the chance to meet a good variety of the drivers. Kelly Estey took a win in his Modified, Kevin Burdick won in his Midwest Modified and Super Stock, Chad Finkbone also took a win in his Pure Stock, Deven VanHouse took a win in his Late Model, Jori Hughes won in his Sprint Car, and Kyle House took a win in his Hornet. The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds kicked off the seven features of the night with Mack Estey and Justin Feltus in the front of the pack. On green, Estey took the lead, Mark Kangas slid into second, Kevin Burdick and Dean Eggebraaten raced for third, and Burdick raced low and took it. Feltus battled with Nick DaRonco for fifth and DaRonco kept close along with Skyler Smith. Feltus, DaRonco, and Smith raced three-wide until DaRonco got around both for fifth. Kangas raced Estey for first, he challenged low until he passed quickly in the corner.

DaRonco raced into fourth and Dean Eggebraatem moved into fifth. Burdick then raced close enough to where he could challenge Kangas and Estey for a top spot until a caution flag was thrown. When the cars grouped back together, Kangas led, Estey and Burdick raced for second, and Burdick kept Estey and DaRonco behind him, and he battled for the top spot until he finally did get in the lead.

Michael Blevins then raced into fifth and stayed very close to DaRonco for fourth, racing high. After around a lap, Blevins got around DaRonco but he gave him a good challenge. Estey raced into second, Kangas into third while Smith and Blevins raced for fourth after getting past DaRonco. With just a few laps to go, Smith decided to go for a low pass on Kangas to move into third, and Burdick took the checkered flags. Estey, Smith, Kangas, and Blevins followed for top five.

The Sprint cars took the track next, Jori Hughes took the feature win for the Sprints. Hughes started in sixth for the feature and ended up finishing out front. Hughes, Caley Emerson, Allen Stettner, Paul Schultz, and Ken Hron took a top five win out of the 10 sprint cars.

Eleven WISSOTA Hornets went onto the track led by Danny Wait and Brennan Schmidt. Schmidt took the lead on green, Wait and Paul Ripley battled for second until Schmidt pulled out in front. Hunter McDougall then raced Wait for third and pulled out in the corners while Ripley pitted. That caused McDougall to move into second and Kyle House challenged him but a caution flag was thrown for a stalled car.

Schmidt still led on the green again, McDougall and House raced out but House had a bit more power to pull out. Snirt Thundercloud raced in fourth, and Peyton Edelman raced in fifth until pitted which caused Wait to race in fifth. With just a couple laps to go, Schmidt pulled off and pitted and House became the new leader and took the feature win for the night, McDougall, Thundercloud, Wait, and Devin Flannigan ended up with a top five finish.

Kevin Salin and Tim Carlson led the WISSOTA Super Stocks onto the track to the green flag. When the flag dropped, Carlson took the lead, Salin and Kevin Burdick battled for second, Doug Koski raced in fourth, and Austin Niemeyer raced in fifth. Burdick took a low pass on Salin for second, then wasted no time to take another pass low on Carlson for the lead with a couple laps to go. With only one lap to go, Koski and Niemeyer passed around Salin and Burdick ended up taking the win. Carlson, Koski, Niemeyer, and Salin followed in the top five.

The WISSOTA Modifieds rolled onto the track with Paul Schultz and Jeffery Wood out front at the start. Wood took the initial lead at first, Schultz kept close while Johnny Broking raced close to Andy Davey until he took the third spot over. Schultz took the lead from Wood, J. Broking and Kelly Estey both made passes on Wood, Broking stayed ahead. Bob Broking raced Davey for fifth, However, B. Broking kept in front of him, then raced close to Wood for a chance at fourth. J. Broking kept challenging high on Schultz for the lead until the first caution flag was thrown for the racers.

When the racers grouped back together, Schultz started in the lead but Estey raced high and made a quick pass to take the lead. That then left J. Broking and Schultz to race for second, Schultz slowed a bit and both J. Broking and B. Broking got around at the same time into second and third. Another caution was thrown, and the racers had to group back together. Estey kept out front but B. Broking gave him a fight for first and stuck close to him. J. Broking then raced low on B. Broking and quickly moved around for second, Davey raced in fourth and Wood kept in fifth.

With four laps to go, another caution was thrown, and the racers went back together again. When the green flag flew again, Estey pulled out into the lead, J. Broking and B, Broking pulled out into second and third, Davey and Wood followed in fourth and fifth. Ryan Jensen challenged Wood for fifth and right at the flag stand, he got it. The top five finishers for the WISSOTA Modifieds were Estey, J. Broking, B. Broking, Davey, and Jensen.

A total of 17 WISSOTA Late Models were on the track second to last, led by Kevin Carlson and Jeff Provinzino. When the green flag dropped, Provinzino took the lead, Carlson kept in second, Jeffrey Massingill raced close in third, and Deven VanHouse followed them along with Zach Wohlers. Massingill made a nice pass on Carlson for second, Carlson and VanHouse the battled for third. Terry Lillo and Wohlers raced each other for fourth. VenHouse had enough power to race into third, Massingill raced high on Provinzino for first and got around in the first corner. Massingill, Provinzino, VanHouse, Wohlers, and Derek Vesel all raced in the top five spots.

VanHouse, after a lap or so, quickly passed Provinzino for second, Vesel raced in fourth and Lillo raced in fifth. Wohlers raced high on Lillo and raced into fifth, Massingill battled with VanHouse for first, VanHouse went low and moved out front in the very last lap of the feature. VanHouse, Massingill, Provinzino, Vesel, and Wohlers took top five feature wins for the night.

The WISSOTA Pure Stocks closed out the features for the night with Dawson Kimble and Josh Berg out front. When the green flag waved, Berg wasted no time to take the lead, Kimble raced in second, Jared Akervik and Kevin Baumgarner raced out for third, Chad Finkbone raced behind them, low on Baumgarner and battles with him for fourth and moved around quick. Finkbone then went on to race high on Kimble and Akervik and had enough power to make a pass right around them, wasting no time. Akervik raced in third Baumgarner raced in fourth, and Kimble raced in fifth. Finkbone battled with Berg side by side for the lead, Finkbone went low in the first corner and gets it. Michael Roth raced Kimble for fifth while Akervik and Baumgarner battle Berg for second but a caution flag is thrown and Akervik fell back. Finkbone still led on the green, Baumgarner put up a fight for second with Berg until he pulled out behind Finkbone, Kimble kept close to Baumgarner until he decided to pit. Finkbone, Berg, Kimble, Roth, and Akervik then raced in the top five. Roth made a quick pass on Kimble for third as the racers were about to finish. Finkbone, Berg, Roth, Kimble, and Akervik took a top five win to close out the exciting night of racing.

305 Sprints - Non-Winged

A Feature 1: 1. 19-Jori Hughes, [6]; 2. 15E-Caley Emerson, [7]; 3. 38-Allen Stettner, [5]; 4. 101-Paul Schultz, [2]; 5. 91-Ken Hron, [4]; 6. 31-Doug Taubert, [9]; 7. 5-Troy Gessner, [1]; 8. 2-Teal Arnason, [8]; 9. 56-Josh Braford, [3]; 10. 7Z-Leah Steahl, [10]

Heat 1: 1. 19-Jori Hughes, [2]; 2. 38-Allen Stettner, [1]; 3. 5-Troy Gessner, [5]; 4. 7Z-Leah Steahl, [4]; 5. (DNF) 31-Doug Taubert, [3]

Heat 2: 1. 15E-Caley Emerson, [5]; 2. 101-Paul Schultz, [2]; 3. 56-Josh Braford, [1]; 4. 91-Ken Hron, [4]; 5. 2-Teal Arnason, [3]

A Modifieds

A Feature 1: 1. 37-Kelly Estey, [8]; 2. 45J-Johnny Broking, [3]; 3. 45-Bob Broking, [5]; 4. 4-Andy Davey, [9]; 5. 23-Ryan Jensen, [13]; 6. 55W-Jeffrey Wood, [2]; 7. 101-Paul Schultz, [1]; 8. 4L-Carey LePage, [6]; 9. 13-Kyle Oman, [4]; 10. 34-Scott Engholm, [10]; 11. 24M-Michael MacAdams, [11]; 12. (DNF) 55-Jeff Wood, [7]; 13. (DNF) 4S-Steve Stavenger, [12]

Heat 1: 1. 37-Kelly Estey, [5]; 2. 45-Bob Broking, [7]; 3. 13-Kyle Oman, [1]; 4. 101-Paul Schultz, [3]; 5. 4-Andy Davey, [6]; 6. 24M-Michael MacAdams, [4]; 7. (DNF) 23-Ryan Jensen, [2]

Heat 2: 1. 45J-Johnny Broking, [1]; 2. 55W-Jeffrey Wood, [3]; 3. 55-Jeff Wood, [2]; 4. 4L-Carey LePage, [4]; 5. 34-Scott Engholm, [6]; 6. (DNF) 4S-Steve Stavenger, [5]

B Modifieds

A Feature 1: 1. 19G-Kevin Burdick, [5]; 2. 37-Mack Estey, [1]; 3. 16-Skyler Smith, [6]; 4. 99-Mark Kangas, [3]; 5. 10-Michael Blevins Sr, [9]; 6. 8-Nick DaRonco, [8]; 7. 6-Dean Eggebraaten, [4]; 8. 19J-Jack Rivord, [11]; 9. 22-Tyler Kintner, [7]; 10. 2-Mervin Castle III, [13]; 11. 18-Justin Feltus, [2]; 12. 19-Darrin Lawler, [10]; 13. 8E8-Jessy Krause, [14]; 14. 12-T.J. Heinle, [16]; 15. 88J-Joey Krause, [15]; 16. (DNF) 34-Travis Krumrei, [12]

Heat 1: 1. 22-Tyler Kintner, [1]; 2. 16-Skyler Smith, [2]; 3. 6-Dean Eggebraaten, [3]; 4. 37-Mack Estey, [5]; 5. 10-Michael Blevins Sr, [6]; 6. 19J-Jack Rivord, [7]; 7. 2-Mervin Castle III, [4]; 8. 88J-Joey Krause, [8]

Heat 2: 1. 19G-Kevin Burdick, [1]; 2. 99-Mark Kangas, [4]; 3. 8-Nick DaRonco, [5]; 4. 18-Justin Feltus, [2]; 5. 19-Darrin Lawler, [6]; 6. 34-Travis Krumrei, [8]; 7. 8E8-Jessy Krause, [7]; 8. 12-T.J. Heinle, [3]

Dirt Late Models

A Feature 1: 1. 17-Deven VanHouse, [6]; 2. 6M-Jeffrey Massingill, [4]; 3. 28-Jeff Provinzino, [2]; 4. 16-Derek Vesel, [8]; 5. 71-Zach Wohlers, [3]; 6. 0-Terry Lillo, [5]; 7. 79-Kevin Carlson, [1]; 8. 18-Chris Olson, [7]; 9. 28C-Cole Provinzino, [9]; 10. 35-George Ledin Jr, [11]; 11. 21F-Gunner Frank, [10]; 12. 13-Roger Paolo, [12]; 13. 12-Mark Heinle, [13]; 14. 42-Tim Lillo, [14]; 15. 12H-Ben Heinle, [15]; 16. 112-Brian Taylor, [16]; 17. (DNF) 292-Kevin Bahr, [17]

Heat 1: 1. 28-Jeff Provinzino, [2]; 2. 0-Terry Lillo, [4]; 3. 16-Derek Vesel, [5]; 4. 17-Deven VanHouse, [6]; 5. 28C-Cole Provinzino, [1]; 6. 35-George Ledin Jr, [8]; 7. 12-Mark Heinle, [3]; 8. 12H-Ben Heinle, [7]; 9. 292-Kevin Bahr, [9]

Heat 2: 1. 71-Zach Wohlers, [1]; 2. 18-Chris Olson, [4]; 3. 6M-Jeffrey Massingill, [3]; 4. 79-Kevin Carlson, [5]; 5. 21F-Gunner Frank, [2]; 6. 13-Roger Paolo, [6]; 7. 42-Tim Lillo, [7]; 8. 112-Brian Taylor, [8]


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