Pictured above is the 2019 trap shooting team at Hibbing High School.

HIBBING — With the regular season just recently completed, the Hibbing High School trapshooting team will now prepare for the postseason.

Scott Lindstrom, one of the coaches for the Bluejackets, said the season has been going very well up to this point. He said the team competed in the Class 4A Conference 4 and that the conference season was comprised of five competition weeks.

“We took second place in our conference,” Lindstrom said. “We will be participating in the State Qualifier Class Championship in Alexandria on June 13, and from there the top 40 teams will compete in Prior Lake on June 21, for the State Championships.”

Lindstrom said the Hibbing team consists of 38 young trapshooters this season. One of the highlights of the season for the Bluejackets was when they took first place in the Hibbing Invitational in May for the third year in a row.

“We have been very pleased with how they have progressed through the season and we are excited to see how the postseason goes,” said Lindstrom.

Assisting Lindstrom in the coaching department for Hibbing this year are Jim LaBorde, Deb Jensen, Tom Jensen, John Nobens, Ryan Trenberth, Shawn Oles, Tim Ranta, and Phil Ranta.

Peter Jensen, a member of the Hibbing team, said members of the squad shoot 50 rounds each week, with the scores then recorded. Those scores are then compared to the other teams throughout the state that are members of Hibbing’s conference.

“That is basically how we see how other teams are doing,” Jensen, a junior, said. “That is also how you get awards and other things through the conference.”

Jensen said he did well in competition last season and that he is doing even better this year.

“I am just hoping to place at state this year. I am pretty happy with how my year has gone so far,” said Jensen. “I am really enjoying the season so far. It is really fun to shoot with some of your best friends, Everybody in the (Hibbing) Trap Club is unbelievably nice and helpful and it really makes the year worth it.”

Jensen thanks everybody associated with the team, and the booster club for putting things together for the team to have a successful and fun season.

“It has been a really flawless year so far and everybody is just so dedicated to the team. It means a lot to me,” Jensen explained.

Torii Tuin is a senior on the team and he said the 2018 season went well for Hibbing as it had plenty of good shooters on the team. He said the team did lose a number of good seniors from last year’s team but he said shooters from the younger ranks are filling the spots nicely.

“It will be exciting to see how the postseason goes,” said Tuin. “Hopefully we shoot well enough at Alexandria to go to Prior Lake and hopefully we do better than the other years and take first place rather than second. As for myself, I have been shooting in the 21s, 22s, 23s, not the highest but there is a lot of room for improvement. I am hoping to get in the swing of things a little bit better and shoot a little bit better this year.”

Being a senior athlete, Tuin said he is experiencing a mixed bag of emotions as his last high school sport winds down.

“It’s bittersweet; it’s going to be sad to be done, especially since I shot with the team right from the beginning when it started,” Tuin said. “It’s going to be kind of sad to see it over but at the same time I am excited to see what happens and where it goes from here even after I’m gone.”

Tuin was asked what the goal is for the Bluejackets this season and he said, “This year we have been doing really well, our Hibbing Shoot went really well and at Alexandria we just hope to shoot lights out and get as many birds as we can. Our coaches have been telling us every year that every bird counts and we hope to knock them out and send our seven best shooters to Prior Lake and do well there.”


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