dominic marchetti

Dominic Marchetti is a senior linebacker for the Hibbing High football team.

Gary Giombetti

Hibbing Daily Tribune

HIBBING — When the high school football season kicked off on Monday, one Hibbing HIgh School player had a head start on everybody else.

Dominic Marchetti was invited to, and he attended a tryout for United States National Football team in May.

From there, the Hibbing High School senior and linebacker was good enough to advance to the regional tryout, and he’s still waiting on word as to whether or not he made the team.

If so, he will be invited to play in the International Bowl, which is held every January at AT&T Stadium in Dallas to play against teams from around the world.

How did this opportunity arise for Marchetti?

“To get invited to this, it’s anonymous,” Marchetti said. “Someone believes that you can play at the next level. They nominate you and send it in. That got me to the regional level in St. Paul in May.”

How did Marchetti do with the lights shining bright on him?

“I wasn’t the best there, but I did well enough to move on,” Marchetti said. “There, we worked on footwork, speed, pass coverage, key components of the game like making reads and being a leader on the field.

“I went there, and from there I was in the top 15 percent of everyone who competed from the country. I was invited to the National tryout.”

That tryout was in Canton, Ohio., at the beginning of the summer.

“I was surprised that I got selected,” Marchetti said. “For the first one, I was just hoping to get there and compete. To be able to go out to the National level and compete there as well was a lot of fun.

“The game was a lot faster. It changed from no pads and just skill work, to full contact.”

How did Marchetti stay in shape?

“Just training,” Marchetti said. “Weight room, running, as much as I could.”

To watch those other athletes from around the country was an eye-opener for Marchetti.

“The offense was crazy,” Marchetti said. “The wide receivers, they never dropped the ball. There was perfect coverage by the defensive backs, and the wide receivers just picked the ball right out of the air.

“It was crazy. There’s a lot of talent around the country.”

Since that time, Marchetti hasn’t heard if the team has been selected or not.

“Not that I know of, yet,” Marchetti said. “Right away it was suspenseful, but now it’s cooled down like maybe I didn’t make it. I was just happy for the experience. I was surprised to just make it to that, the National tryout.

“That fact that if I made the team, that would be incredible, but the experience is what matters.”


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