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COLERAINE — It has been a long coaching trip of ups and downs, dips and spikes, for Bill Adamson.

Now, Adamson is back where he started and where he first worked as a coach, at his alma mater, Greenway High School. In the last 29 years, he has coached at all levels, from junior high to college teams and everywhere inbetween, and he starts a new chapter this winter as he takes over the head coaching position of the Greenway girls basketball team.

Adamson played hoops at Greenway, graduating in 1982. He played college ball and now is in his 26th season as a coach, returning to the profession after a three-year hiatus.

“I have coached everything from seventh grade through NCAA Division III, and most of it has been women’s basketball,” said Adamson. “I am looking forward to this. My first official coaching job was the junior varsity job at Greenway in 1986, so it is kind of coming back. My favorite color is green, and I like being here. It works out because my wife’s favorite color is green too so she is happy.”

Working with Adamson on the Greenway coaching staff is Cassie Bauer, assistant varsity coach, and Ryan Wright, seventh and eighth grade coach.

“Our goal this year is to teach fundamentals, get the girls to be playing strong basketball, teach them the game and make sure they are playing hard,” said Adamson. “We need to learn how to win and it is going to take a little bit of work and some time, but we are committed to it and we want to see this girls’ program where it used to be. It was good quite a few years ago.”

Adamson said the Raiders will need to work together as a team this season because there really is not a player that will be counted on to carry the team.

“It is going to be a truly a team game – that’s what it is supposed to be any way – and it is getting them together to play hard and have some fun. As we develop that, it is going to help the younger kids grow because they are going to see the excitement. They are going to see kids playing hard and being excited and we will get more kids to play at the younger levels.”

Forward Meghan Foley, a former All-Conference player, is the lone senior for Greenway this season and also will serve as a captain of the team. The other captain is junior guard Ali Glines. Another player expected to contribute big things is junior forward Karli Rutherford.

“We have some younger kids, some size and some kids that are going to work hard,” Adamson said. “I have just been impressed because they have done everything I have asked them to do so far.”

Adamson said the Raiders were at the bottom of both the Northern Lakes Conference and Iron Range Conference last season. He said he feels Greenway will be able to compete in the NLC this season.

“I know the Northern Lakes Conference is a conference we can compete in,” Adamson said. “If we can get everybody coming together and we focus hard and play as a team, hopefully we can end up at least in the middle.

“As far as the IRC, it is going to be tough. Having to go against teams like Hibbing, it is probably a little out of our league at the moment. But we are in the league and we are going to do what we can in that conference and give it a shot and fight hard.”

When asked how the group has been to coach so far, Adamson said, “From what I have seen in the first four days, they seem like they have a lot of energy and are willing to try anything. I am expecting to have a lot of fun and that is where we want to keep it at. We want to be competitive but have a good time. We want to get ourselves in a position to win some games.”

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