The Virginia Men’s Golf Club recently completed a memorial to former Virginia Parks and Rec Director John Bachman at the Virginia Golf Course. The memorial features a maple tree and a stone monument just before the first green at the Virginia Golf Course.

VIRGINIA — Former Parks and Rec Director John Bachman loved to golf and loved the Virginia Golf Course.

Bachman, who passed away unexpectedly in 2016 at the age of 60, will be forever remembered now as golfers approach the first green at the Virginia course.

Just off to the left, the Virginia Men’s Golf Club planted a maple tree and just recently added a monument memorializing Bachman.

“It seems befitting that the monument has been installed, the tree has been landscaped and everything is in place for the unveiling to John’s family and friends just in time for the Land of the Loon weekend, which is also the anniversary of John’s passing,’’ said Steve Giorgi, president of the Virginia Men’s Club.

A statement on the stone monument clearly state’s Bachman’s passion for the game and the course.

“This tree was planted in memory of John Bachman Park & rec. Supt. for Virginia,’’ the monument, which also features a golfer swinging a club, says. “John loved his golf & this course.’’

According to Giorgi, “from a young age, he was a successful, good golfer.’’ Bachman advanced to the high school State Tournament, along with Mark Peterson and Mark Leese. All were coached by Richie Olson.

Bachman, who worked for the city for 42 years, started at the course and ultimately became the Parks and Rec director.

“John was directly involved in the building of the new log clubhouse and renovation of the golf course,’’ according to Giorgi. “He was certainly engaged with the renovations that took place there.’’

Why was Bachman so dedicated to golf? “Anybody that enjoys playing golf is pretty passionate about it,’’ Giorgi said.

To pay respect for all of his work, “the leadership of the Virginia Men’s Club decided that they wanted to honor John and decided to plant a nice maple tree on hole No. 1 at the Virginia Municipal Golf Course.’’

“The short par 4 had become a driveable hole for younger players with modern day equipment and planting this tree that will eventually reach over 50 feet high will someday have a significant impact on how the hole is played,’’ Giorgi stated.

He said later the tree from Range Landscape could grow to be 70 feet high with a 40-foot canopy.

“The tree will be there for many, many, many years.’’

The Virginia Men’s Golf Club is grateful for all that John did to make golf so much more enjoyable for the rest of us with his many years of service and his commitment to improving the course each and every year, Giorgi stated. “We hope he is honored by our show of appreciation.”


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