Terry Lillo of Duluth won his first feature of the year, holding off Derek Vesel to win the Late Model feature at the Hibbing Raceway Saturday.

HIBBING — On Saturday, Hibbing Raceway welcomed both UMSS Sprint Cars and Northern Renegade Non-Wing Sprint Car Series to the program in addition to all six regular classes.

With eight classes of racing on the docket, fans were sure to get their fill.

A total of 112 race teams from various parts of the Upper Midwest packed the pit area in anticipation of the evening’s racing action.

After hosting kid’s box races on the stage during intermission, the Traditional Sprint Cars rolled out to the race track for the Rene Hughes Memorial Race.

Brad Peterson of Lake Elmo overtook early leader Al Stettner and went on to win comfortably.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks followed the Hughes Memorial victory-lane celebration and Kevin Burdick of Proctor became the first three-time winner of 2019 in Hibbing as he passed Ronnie Malecki to score the win.

In one of the more eventful races of the evening, Jeff Wood and Danny Vang put on a slide-jobbing, paint-swapping duel at the front of the field.

Vang of Deerwood ultimately came out on top to win his second straight WISSOTA Modified feature in Hibbing.

The WISSOTA Late Models may not have featured dramatic lead changes of the prior race, but the outcome was in doubt until the very end.

Terry Lillo of Duluth took the lead early on and held off repeated challenges from Derek Vesel to win his first feature of the year.

In the Winged Sprint Car feature, Gunner Cummings led fellow front row starter Jack Berger in the opening laps before giving way to Harry Hanson.

Cummings made a late challenge but Hanson of Eveleth made a veteran move pinning Cummings behind the lap car and it was just what he needed to claim victory at his long-time home racetrack.

With the very full evening of racing rolling on, the WISSOTA Pure Stocks followed the Sprint Cars.

Michael Roth led early in search of his second win of the year but first-time visitor Dusty Caspers from Bagley slipped past Roth in lapped traffic and held on to lead until the checkered flag.

Like the Pure Stocks before them;, the Hornets also had a first-time visitor to Hibbing enter victory lane.

Ricky Helms jumped to a solid lead over the first half of the race but a mid-race restart did him in.

AJ House of Cloquet used the restart to charge past Helms, and he never looked back to claim the win in his first time at Hibbing Raceway.

Normally first in the running order, the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds found themselves in the closer role for the long evening of racing.

Michael Blevins found himself in front of the field over the first several circuits before Tyler Kintner of Hibbing made a charge from third to first on the same lap.

Kintner ran comfortably out front the second half of the race to win his second of the year in Hibbing.

On Saturday, June 29, Hibbing Raceway will take a break from regular racing action to host the second of four Carquest Enduros on the year.

Mac Schafer came out victorious after 100 laps of mayhem in the first event.

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Hibbing Raceway

Non-winged Sprint Cars:

Feature- Brad Peterson, Rob Caho Jr, Denny Stordahl, Jon Lewerer, Jori Hughes, Caley Emerson, All Stettner, Paul Schultz, Jack Berger, Ken Hron, Troy Gessner, Josh Braford, Kevin Bradwell, Ryan Johnson, Tommy Colburn, Teal Arnason, Zach Hanson, Harry Hanson

Winged Sprint Cars:

Feature- Harry Hanson, Gunner Cummings, Jack Berger, Denny Stordahl, Josh Braford, Kevin Bradwell, Jeff Kirchner, Jori Hughes, Ryan Johnson

WISSOTA Late Models:

Feature- Terry Lillo, Derek Vesel, Jeffery Massingill, Kyle Peterlin, Jeff Provinzino, Deven Vanhouse, Zach Wohlers, Jay Kintner, Chris Olson, George Ledin, Roger Paolo, Kevin Carlson, Gunner Frank, Steve Reini, John Meeds, Tim Lillo, Brian Taylor

WISSOTA Modifieds:

Feature- Danny Vang, Deven Vanhouse, Jeff Wood, Kelly Estey, Jeffery Wood, Cory Sersha, Duane Dale, Jeff Davis, Kyle Oman, Ryan Jensen, Matt DiPiero, Paul Schultz

WISSOTA Super Stocks:

Feature- Kevin Burdick, Tristan Labarge, Ronnie Malecki, Mikey Vajdl, Dalton Carlson, Tim Carlson, DJ Keeler, Scott Lawrence, Jim Campbell, Kevin Salin, Larry Both, Dean Mattila, Jon Hammitt, Matt Hammitt, Brian Vajdl

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:

Feature- Tyler Kintner, Mack Estey, Skeeter Estey, Wyatt Boyum, Dylan Miller, Michael Blevins, Nick Daronco, Mark Kangas, Skyler Smith, Jeff Nelson, Justin Bassa, Chad VAnduker, Keith Niemi, Jerry Vesel, Frank Paolo, Jeremy Theisen, Austin Mclellan, Eric Anderson, Don Craig, Cole Chernosky, Brent Foster

WISSOTA Pure Stocks:

Feature- Dusty Caspers, Michael Roth, Stephen Erickson, Jon Burt, Austin Carlson, Pete Travica, Dylan Shelton, Mikey Blevins, Dawson Kimble, Greg Miller, Skylar Olson, Victor Westerlund


Feature- AJ House, Ricky Helms, Snirt Thundercloud, Anthony Kangas, Jordan Tolan, Tiffani Hauta-Sanders, Josh Rowe, Reid Johnson, Alyssa Reini, Kambria Lepage


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