I was sitting around the other day and I decided to see how many Grand Rapids coaches I can remember who were at the helm when I first arrived at the Grand Rapids Herald-Review in September 1988.

Some names came easy, others were fuzzy and a whole lot were uncertain. Nobody has ever mistook me for Albert Einstein but I am going to try to list the names and sport right now.

In the fall season we had Tom Drazenovich as the head football coach and boys track and field coach. A native of Nashwauk, there is no better man than Tommy D.

I am going to guess in volleyball that it was Marie Gibbons, while the solid boys’ gymnastics team was led by the very able Paul Petruzzi. I can remember the Indians winning a state title back in the day when it was still a sport in Minnesota.

Both the girls and boys swimming and diving teams were coached by Lenny Rothlisberger while boys tennis coach was Jim Alstad. I can’t remember if girls tennis was a sport in that time.

Lyn Ellingson was coach of the boys hockey team, and there was no girls hockey at that time. The boys basketball team was headed by Rod Eidelbes and Gary Webb was head coach of the girls cage team.

I am not certain but I believe Skip Nalan was head coach of the wrestling team. Steve Lynch covered wrestling for the newspaper so my memory is fuzzy here.

I can remember Paula Goligoski and Marie Crippa as being the girls gymnastics coaches.

Of course, Bob Streetar was the manager of the baseball team. As for softball, I am thinking it was the late Marv Hanson, a good man, who was head coach. However, I can also picture Lee Alto in my mind.

There was no soccer or lacrosse to cover, along with trapshooting and fishing.

I am sure I am missing something but I guess I didn’t do too bad.


The Twins have a chance to make a point in their first series after the All-Star break when they take on the Cleveland Indians.

The Twins are 56-33 and hold a 5 1/2-game lead on the Indians entering the three-game series in Cleveland.

It would be nice if the Twins came out playing well in the second half and at least win two of the three games. That would not only increase their lead in the division but it also would give them some confidence.

If the Indians sweep the Twins, it will then get very interesting.


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