HIBBING — Why do people get so hyped up when the National Football League releases their schedules for the upcoming season?

Listening to KFAN this past week, they were all excited about last Thursday and the release of the Minnesota Vikings schedule.

It’s a schedule. Who cares? Don’t make it out to be a holiday. It’s not.

There’s a lot more important things in life than the release of a schedule.

Don’t tell me it’s because of COVID-19 because in non-pandemic years, they get just as excited over it.

We all know Minnesota will play Detroit, Green Bay and Chicago twice. That’s six of the 16 games.

The other teams Minnesota plays are all irrelevant.

The Vikings will have eight games at home, and eight games on the road.

Why do you need to do a deep delve into that?

After the release, then people start going on social media trying to find the Vikings’ first loss.

For some, it might be a bit, but I’m sure for others, they take it seriously.

So for all of you people that take it seriously, I’ll tell when Minnesota will suffer its first loss — week No. 1 against Green Bay.

It’s a home game, but in typical Viking fashion, they will forget to show up to the game and get blown out.

What makes you think anything has changed with this organization?

We still have the same quarterback, who can’t win a big game. The offensive line is still a sieve, which won’t give that quarterback any time to throw the ball.

The defense has no defensive backs because they were released by the team. What makes you think these newly-drafted players are going to help?

First off, there will be no OTA’s and minicamps because of coronavirus.

Every team will be in the same boat, so whoever has the best people in management will make it to the Super Bowl.

That doesn’t include the Vikings’ organization. If the organization was good, we would have been to more Super Bowls than just four.

I’m just being honest here.

We don’t know when training camps will open. Maybe on time, but probably not. When will the regular season start? We don’t know that either. Will fans be allowed in the games? No one can answer that either.

The NFL wants to play, but at what cost?

I want this virus to go away as much as the next person, but until there’s medication to reduce the symptoms, and a vaccine to keep us from getting it all together, the sporting world will be put on hold.

But seeing as everyone is so interested in delving into schedule talk, let me take a crack at it.

After the Packers game, Minnesota travels to Indianapolis, then takes on Tennessee at home. The Vikings better be 3-0 heading into October, but it will probably be 1-2

When October starts, Minnesota travels to Houston, then for one reason or another, we have to travel to Seattle again. What’s with that? Every time Minnesota plays the Seahawks, it’s in Washington. Those will be two losses.

Atlanta comes to US Bank Stadium on Oct. 18. The Vikings could go 2-1, but I’ll say 1-2 for a 2-4 overall record.

After the bye week, Minnesota travels to Green Bay for a Sunday night game. That’s a loss for sure because Kirk Cousins can’t win a prime-time game to save his life.

After that, Detroit comes to town, then it’s off to Chicago, and we know our history against the Bears. Even when they’re bad, we lose to them. Dallas and Carolina invade the Bank to finish off November, and those two games won’t be easy.

That will be a 2-3 mark and 4-7 overall.

In December, Jacksonville comes here, then Minnesota goes to Tampa Bay, with Tom Brady. The Vikings never beat Brady, do they? The second meeting with the Bears comes up, which will be a loss, just because, then it’s off to New Orleans, before finishing off the regular season at Detroit on Jan. 3.

The Vikings will go 2-3, finishing with a 6-10 record, missing the playoffs.

If that happens, there might be a shake-up in the organization.

Of course, that’s all speculation at this point and time.

There, that’s the deepest I’m going to delve into the Vikings’ schedule.

Most of you will disagree with that, but again, that’s my own opinion. Take it or leave it.

Let’s just hope there is a season.


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