HIBBING — I had the best nine holes of the golf season on Wednesday, shooting six pars and three bogies for a 3-over-par 39 at the Mesaba Country Club.

Unfortunately, you have to hear about it because there’s nothing else to write about.

I’m not going into detail about it, but if that continues, I’m looking for a good summer on the links.

Maybe, just maybe after 50 years of playing the game, I might actually get good at it.

Keep that a secret because I don’t want the golf gods catching wind of it.


I hear that if and when the National Hockey League resumes this season, they’re going to a 24-team playoff format.

I’d have to assume that means the Minnesota Wild will make the playoffs. They were only a couple of points out of a wild-card berth when the season was postponed, so that would make sense.

According to one NHL.com columnist, the NHL is looking at eight or nine site options to resume the season.

Logistics would be a big thing. What places could accommodate 10-12 teams, and how would the games be played? Would teams have to play two games in a day?

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens.


The National Basketball Association, they could expand the playoffs to 28 teams, and I doubt the Minnesota Timberwolves would be on the cusp of the postseason.


I’m hoping Major League Baseball comes back as soon as possible.

This was supposed to be another breakout year for the Minnesota Twins, and who knows what position they would be in on May 24.

Maybe they would have flopped. Maybe they would be leading the Central Division by 10 games right now.

It was going to be fun watching Josh Donaldson in a Twins uniform, so we’re getting cheated out of that.

After hitting well over 300 home runs last year, this team could have set another record for homers.

Last year, everything went right for the Twins during the regular season. It would be foolish to think that that could happen again.

There’s too many variables involved with it to think Minnesota would have gone on an early-season run like it did last year.

They beat up on every team they played, including Baltimore and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to name a few.

They even handled Cleveland a few times.

I’m sure some of those teams are better, plus there may have been some up-and-coming teams, like maybe the Chicago White Sox, who would have given the Twins some trouble.

It would have also been nice to see if the Twins’ pitching staff was going to be better. They had some acquisitions during the off-season, plus Michael Pineda would have been coming off his 50-game suspension some time soon.

Nobody is going to feel sorry for them because of all the money they make, but I’ll bet they want to be on the field as bad as I want them back on the field.


Once again, stay safe.


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