HIBBING — The last time the Hibbing amateur baseball team took on Marble, Jamie Steinberg and Matt Erickson combined for a 7-0 victory.

Will that same thing happen today when the Miners and Mallards hook up for a 7 p.m., contest at Steve Hecimovich Memorial Field?

According to Steinberg, probably not because his team hasn’t played in quite some time due to Hibbing’s opponents not having enough players.

It’s anybody’s guess as to how this game will turn out against the Mallards.

“We’ve had some considerable time off throughout the Fourth of July,” Steinberg said. “We’ve had some games cancelled. It’s been a lot longer period of rest for me and my players than I would have wanted.

“I’m not pitching today because we need to get our other guys some innings. There’s plenty to go around for all of those guys when it comes to mound time.”

As far as Marble goes, Steinberg doesn’t expect to see anything different out of the Mallards.

“They don’t have a large team,” he said. “They shuffle in a few guys here and there just because of availability. They don’t have that kind of team dynamic where they have key guys that need to be in the lineup.

“They’re kind of interchangeable. They will be a similar kind of team. We’re not going to take them lightly even though we beat them in our last game. We have to keep that same mentality.”

The only problem Hibbing might have is being out of sync after having so much time off.

“We need to get back on our game,” Steinberg said. “That’s going to be our key. They will be in baseball shape and mind. I don’t think that we’re that far off. Our guys have been resting.

“It’s not going to take a lot for us to get back in it, maybe an inning or two, then we’ll be ready to go. I don’t think we’ll lose a lot from that standpoint. It is a factor, and it can balloon into a bad thing if you let it.”


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