Just more than three years ago, Craig Laurich purchased “a system” for his wife.

Today, he sells that system.

Laurich is the man who helps gardeners “get out of the dirt,” according to his business slogan.

He sells the Hydro-Stacker, the hydroponic growing system that can be used for commercial, educational and residential purposes.

Up until buying and using the system, Laurich said they had been “growing weeds.” That’s when all changed.

“It evolved from there,” said Laurich, owner of Hydro-Stacker Minnesota.

According to company literature, using Hydro-Stackers can increase fruit and vegetable yield while decreasing the garden space needed. With just a few square feet, one can grow strawberries, tomatoes, herbs or just about any plant from a garden.

“Our automated systems do all the watering for you, requiring less effort to get your garden growing,” it reads.

Hydro-Stacker is currently operating in large farms with more than 50,000 plants as well as home users with just a single-stack manual.

Laurich said all feedback on the product has been positive. He estimates he has around 25 customers.


Pricing and further information can be found by calling Laurich at 218-929-3950 or at www.hydrostacker.com.


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