The following list of marriage license applications for the month of June was provided by the St. Louis County Recorder’s office.

• Jamie Huusko and Michael Fatticci, both of Hibbing

• Jessica Kirkpatrick of Chisholm and Robert Steventon of Hamilton, Canada

• James Yanez and Tina Bush, both of Keewatin

• Caitlyn Neuenschwander of Keewatin and Logan Nelson of Chisholm

• Greg Whitlock and Bonniree Skalsky, both of Hibbing

• Jacqueline Kepler of Hibbing and Joshua Aikey of Chisholm

• Elizabeth Iallonardo of Cotton and Wesley Caple of Melrude

• Ashley Erickson and Derek Maki, both of Goodland

• Eva Kolodji of Hibbing and Thaddeus Evans of Repton, Ala.

• William Maki and Christina Matetich, both of Hibbing

• Christopher Moore and Amanda Aro, both of Hibbing

• Jeffrey Sterle of Chisholm and Bonnie Kolden of Hibbing

• Amanda Hoshal and Lucas Warmuth, both of Pengilly

• Chevy Faitel and Shylah Kaster, both of Hibbing

• Eric Emerson of Hibbing and Jody Bartholmy of North Branch, Minn.

• Victoria Gornick of Chisholm and Robert Perkovich of Side Lake

• Harold Avelsgard and Joan Renaud, both of Hibbing

• Nicholas Nye of Corpus Christi, Texas, and Kharissa Jacobson of Hibbing

• Jezzarea Stangland and Corey Bloom, both of Hibbing

• Donavan Rock and Emily Rabbitt, both of Hibbing


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