The following list of dissolutions of marriage for the month of December were provided by St. Louis County Court Administration in Hibbing.

• Cathy L. Buus and Chad J.R. Buus

• Dana L. Young and Carey S. Young

• Nora L. Uhrbom and Jeffrey A. Uhrbom

• Jennifer L. Katzenberger and Todd Katzenberger

• Thomas A. Callahan and Karen S. Cooper

• Christopher A. Farrell and Stephanie J. Farrell

• Jessica R. Grant and Sean M. Grant

• Laura B. Rock and Nathaniel A. Rock

• Katie A. Turk and Travis L. Turk

• April A. Rutchasky and Joseph Z. Rutchasky

• Paul M. Kortekaas and Shelly A. Kortekaas

• Mike E. Larson and Julie A. Larson

• Robert T. Tupa and Rebecca I. Tupa (now known as Rebecca I. Palmer)

• Jennifer M. Stone And Jon P. Stone


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