The following list of dissolutions of marriage for the month of March were provided by St. Louis County Court Administration in Hibbing.

• Devin D. Hatfield and Emily A. Hatfield

• Todd C. Saari and Karmen F. Saari (now known as Karmen F. Anderson)

• Melissa A. Hill and Chad H. Hill

• William J. Patterson and Melissa L. Patterson

• Betty L. Meados and Daniel R. Meados

• Sarah C. Packa and Blake T. Newton

• Mica M. Schnortz and Michael J. Schnortz

• Terrence L. Bartels and Dianna L. Bartels

• Mary E. Politano (now known as Mary E. Anderson) and Bret M. Politano

• Stacy A. Thompson and Dennis J. Thompson


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