Joe Radinovich supports mining.

His opponent and the Trump machine would like us to believe otherwise because they know it is a divisive issue up on the Range and they are hoping we are satisfied with their sound bites and distortions of truth.

They will spend whatever it takes to buy this seat. One multi-millionaire alone has financed over $3 million in attack ads so far. And he is not alone. They Paul Ryan PAC and other Washington special interests are doing their best to manipulate us to vote against our own best interests.

These people are not from here. They know nothing about us and they are desperate to get this seat.

Joe is the DFL candidate running for Congress in the 8th Congressional District. He is articulate and smart and can explain beyond the soundbites why he supports the mining projects, the history, dates and sequence of events surrounding these projects.

He trusts the process and science and wants us to trust in it too. He believes we are smart enough to see through attempts to distract us from the truth.

Joe Radinovich supports mining. He also supports Social Security and Medicare; affordable health care; affordable quality child care; labor and unions; public education; solving the student loan debt crisis and getting the dark special interest money out of our elections.

Joe’s special interest is you, us and all the residents of CD8.

There will be an opportunity to hear directly from Joe on Patty Miller’s HPAT show starting on Oct. 17. Please watch him.

Vote for Joe Radinovich for Congress on Nov. 6.

Nancy Melin


Mother-in-law to be


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