Editor’s note: A copy of this letter has also been sent from the author to the Hibbing School Board.

“What were they thinking?” That’s the usual comment made when I mentioned where the Hibbing High School Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held.

“They weren’t,” is my response.

The venue was upstairs at Mike’s Pub. Mike was quick to respond to this by saying his business is vested in.

A telephone conversation informed me that there is a railing and people could be helped up. Tell the person that has limited transfer ability and a power wheelchair.

Many of our friends and family have mobility problems also. As an option, we opted to have a gathering at our home for family and friends. Over 50 people attended.

The community has been very helpful and understanding in this matter. Offers of help came from many people.

When activities are being planned, take this into consideration: There are people with mobility challenges that will not be able to attend if held upstairs at Mike’s Pub.

Consider the grandparent or friends that have attended all the youth activities and will not be able to attend the banquet or special events for the students. This could apply to all activities that might be held up there.

Comments made and passed on to me were that it was the responsibility of the person who books the activity. Then it should be brought to everyone’s attention that there are multiple stairs and no other access to the area upstairs.

This should be brought to everyone’s attention in the community that plans an activity there.

It would have been nice to receive the award in person, but as it was, the evening turned into an event shared by so many by having the celebration elsewhere.

Our family is very appreciative of the honor of Zooner being intuited into the hall of fame, and want to thank the committee for the work put into it.

Sue Sundvall & family of Martin “Zooner” Sundvall


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