If you are undecided or thinking about voting Republican, think again and consider this.

Having served the electorate in local and state government for several decades, we have come to understand how the flow of state and federal revenue works, to support and augment local property taxes. In turn, the combined revenues support infrastructure and the delivery of services we depend on in our daily lives.

Our collective experience has taught us with certainty that the return of yours and our state and federal taxes to support the domestic spending has been greater under Democratic leadership.

Simply put, if you prefer that your hard earned tax dollars be spent for increased military spending to fund wars of convenience, corporate welfare and trickle down tax breaks for the upper class (1 percenters), vote Republican.

In contrast, if you would rather see your hard earned taxes come back from St. Paul and Washington, D.C., to build infrastructure (i.e., roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems), to support healthcare, the elderly and veterans services, college and vocational education, jobs training as well as quality of life issues parks, trails and our environment, then you might want to vote Democrat.

Bottomline: yours and our return on investment when Democrats are in a majority historically far exceeds the trickle down policies of the Grand Old Party.

That being said, please join us in voting what is clearly in our collective best interest. If not, get ready to send your children to go fight but another war of choice versus the pursuit of higher education and a brighter future. It is what our years of experience and history has taught us.

Sadly the disfunction of partisan government has crippled the fiscal relationships between local, state and federal government. But for and until civility and mutual respect is returned, we believe we will be better served by staying Blue.

We the undersigned, urge one and all to ask yourself, what is and should be your return on investment for your tax dollars and vote accordingly.

Lastly, let us not forget the failures of the past.

Steve Raukar, Hibbing

Former Hibbing School Board, St. Louis County Board

Ron Dicklich, Pengilly

Former Hibbing School Board, St. Louis County Board, State Senator, Hibbing Mayor

Jerry Janezich, Side Lake

Former State Representative, State Senator


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