We are a local, grassroots resistance group located in the Hibbing area. We are affiliated with the national resistance “Indivisible Guide.”

The Indivisible Guide, formed by former congressional staffers, posted in December 2016 and immediately went viral among people eager to effectively resist Trump’s picks and policies, expose his conflicts and lies and make their anger count.

Indivisible has nearly 6,000 groups and more than a half-million members in 50 states.

Indivisible is not the leader of the movement. They guide us in demystifying Congress and provide us with helpful details on peaceful resistance.

Range Voices, as well as other resistance groups on the Range, are taking ownership of the resistance to Trump’s agenda.

We hold our legislators accountable by calling, writing, emailing and meeting with legislative staff and other resistance groups.

We closely follow state and federal legislation and make our voices heard if we feel it is not in the best interest of our country and the American people.

We are in this for the long haul and will continue to support and protect our Constitution and our country.

Since 2017, Range Voices accomplished the following: hosted a forum for 7 of the 8 congressional candidates; written numerous letters to the Open Forum, including the public pending legislation and current political topics; met with legislators such as Julie Sandstede and Keith Ellison to express our concerns for our local community; raised funds for local charities; and met with college students to encourage voting participation.

We will continue to educate the public on political and voting issues and encourage participation in the democratic process.

We will resist, insist, persist. Join us!!!

Range Voices Indivisible

Sandra Antonelli, Debra Antonelli, Sharon Kepler, Joe Lopac, Sharon Sommers, Kirsten Kepler, Carolann Ongaro, George Andrea, Georgia Andrea, Carol Cotter, Pat Gargano, Karen Johnson and Nathaniel Dropp


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