I just recently received my snowmobile registration renewal notice a few weeks ago for two Snowmobiles I own. One is a 1996 and the other a 1997 (21- and 22-year-old machines).

Each is a fee of $111, which is a mandatory three-year fee when using the trails. That is up approximately 30 percent from three years ago.

My issue is why are we required to pay for three years?

No one can predict that their snowmobile or any other recreation vehicle that requires a three-year registration is going to be operable during that period.

In my case, I have very old snowmobiles and it is possible they will not last for the next three years. Our riding season seems to be about three months out of the year, which weather and snow accumulations can be a big factor, and may be even shorter some years.

I also believe like vehicle registrations, the older your snowmobile or any recreation vehicle, the fee should decrease throughout the years as they may not be used as often, or not at all.

I do believe this issue needs to be brought to the attention of state senators, state representatives and the DNR on having the registration fees issued on a yearly basis and not being forced to pay for three years.

Please join me and speak your voice on this matter.

Holly Abramson



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