When I read Pete Stauber was the Republican nominee for District 8, the first thing I noticed was that he touted himself an “independent” candidate.

The next thing I noticed was how he cozied up to Trump at Trump's rally in Duluth.

For Mr. Stauber to think he'll be an "independent" voice is laughable, as the Republican party demands its members think, act and vote in lockstep with each other. So who is Mr. Stauber trying to kid — himself, the public or both?

In the 1939 movie, “Confessions of a Nazi Spy,” an actor playing a Nazi thug tells a German-American citizen at a Nazi rally: “The (Nazi) party doesn't want criticism. Only obedience.”

Obedience is another name for conformity. Die-hard Republicans and evangelicals are fully invested in conformity; that's where they think power lies.

Trump detests criticism, which is why he wants obedience and conformity from his base, the media and everyone else. Remember what he said to Kim Jong-un about how “well-behaved” the North Korean people were? That's what fear does to people. That's what he wants from Americans.

According to the Washington Post, as of Sept. 7, Trump has spoken more than 5,000 lies, half-truths or misleading statements.

How many of those falsehoods has Stauber dared to challenge? What makes you think he'll be different if he's elected?

Gary Burt



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