Spring is upon us and the snow is almost gone! For some unfortunately, this time of year brings complaints of unsightly yards. The Hibbing Police Department is committed to keeping our community a pleasant place for all to live, work and enjoy.

There are several city ordinances dealing with unsightly properties where there may be abandoned vehicles, rubbish, or tall grass. The police department deals with these issues in the community through a complaint driven process.

This type of reported problem takes time to correct. When a complaint is received, officers address the complaint through the following process:

• An officer checks the property to determine and confirm the violation.

• A letter or “notice of the violation” is sent to the owner or resident living on the property.

Depending on the type of problem, the owner or resident has a specified number of days, defined in city ordinance, to make progress and bring the property into compliance.

• If the property still remains non-compliant the owner/resident will be issued a

citation with a court date assigned.

• The owner/resident will then appear in court. If a guilty plea is entered a fine may be imposed. The judge may also defer the matter for 30, 60 or 90 days and require the defendant to bring the property into compliance in that period of time.

As you can see the process could be anywhere from a couple weeks to possibly 3 month or more.

We all need to abide by the city ordinances, regulations and policies and understand everyone is entitled to the due process. The police department handles approximately one-hundred cases a year where there are violations of these city ordinances.

To see the full ordinances, go to www.hibbing.mn.us and under the police department, you can go down to the city ordinances.

Sgt. Jeffrey P. Ronchetti

Hibbing Police Department


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