I’ve been on the county board with Pete Stauber. I can attest he hasn’t done much for the Iron Range, but he did vote to raise your property taxes 19 percent in his six years on the board.

OK, he’s a nice enough guy, but his political philosophy isn’t nice at all.

Fellow seniors, he thinks your Medicare health insurance and social security paycheck are “entitlements.” In fact, you paid for them, they are the best programs ever passed by Congress, and it was the Democrats who created them.

Fellow union members, Stauber tells you he’s for the union, but will he stick with the Republicans in their push for right to work legislation and to get rid of prevailing wages? You bet he will.

Where was Stauber when the Steelworkers were pushing for a fair contract? Nowhere in sight, my friends. He’s for the mining companies, not the miners. The mining companies can take care of themselves, we need a Congressman who will look out for workers.

What really makes me nervous about Stauber? I’ve been on the county board with him for four years and he’s never had an original idea. In fact, he’s never introduced his own unique resolution while I’ve served with him.

We need a leader in Congress, not a fence-sitter; he’ll be the perfect follower in Congress that the Republicans want.

What ticks me off, folks, is Stauber’s opposition to government run health care for all, like Medicare. Stauber’s had government run health care for himself as a Duluth cop and county commissioner — it works great for him.

There’s a choice. My friend Joe Radinovich has a proven record supporting the middle class, affordable health care plans for all of us, and walking the line with union workers for better wages and benefits.

Joe Radinovich supports fair taxes, and opposes the Trump-Stauber supported tax cut that gave 90 percent of the cuts to the richest Americans.

Let me say this: in 26 years representing you in the legislature, I’ve never seen the Republican Party take the lead to do anything to help the hard-working people of the middle class. They are the party of the rich, they always have been, and it won’t change.

Vote for your family’s health and prosperity. Vote the DFL ticket.

Tom Rukavina


St. Louis County Commissioner District 4


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