I read with interest the article by Jerry Burnes of the Mesabi Daily News and the mining industry.

I am a native of the Iron Range graduating from high school there in the mid 1950s. Things have not changed much with upturns and downturns in the local economy.

Back then there were only a couple plants in Hoyt Lakes, Babbitt and Silver Bay. I saw no future for me, so I migrated elsewhere. I did have an opportunity to go back in the 1970s, but chose not to because of uncertainty in the industry.

Workers on the Range know the economy is one of global in nature, so relying on booms may turn to busts a ways down the road. If they think that the president will be their savior in a short time he will be gone.

They elected a congressman now in the minority to get things done and I wish him well. Your congressman can only do so much but keep in mind it is corporate America and the mining industry that calls the shots — not the politicians.

I also understand the rift between the industry and environmentalists, which were not there some 60 years ago. My background is from the labor movement, and I do understand the way of life on the Iron Range.

I just left many years ago for better stabilization and job security.

Thomas J. Dwyer

Coon Rapids, Minn.


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