News just out is that our federal deficit (national debt) is increasing by about $2 to $3 billion dollars a day. This amounts to about $7.50 per day for every man, woman and child in our country.

The federal deficit is national debt that citizens — taxpayers like you and me — are responsible for and will eventually have to pay.

The federal tax structure currently is that those with limited means and the very wealthy pay the least taxes. This means that those in the middle pay the most taxes as a percentage of financial gain.

Those with power and money do, however, have millions — if not billions — to protect their power and wealth by framing certain candidates for public office in the worst possible light. Have you witnessed attack ads? Attack ads are almost always directed at candidates who would work for regular people like you and me.

Election Day is almost here, so we need to decide with an open mind how we will vote.

Attack ads are one of many faces of fear (separation from others) and as such will always harm, especially if embraced. A clue for the discerning voter might be to watch for which candidates are attacked the most, because these are most feared by the rich and powerful.

On a personal note, I try to refrain from judging others because this is another manifestation of fear or separation. This doesn’t mean that I agree with others but rather I work toward the changes I wish to see.

Let’s all vote on Nov. 6, not as partisans (Democrat or Republican) but as a unified bloc of voters voting for candidates who will make our lives better, not the rich and powerful whose agenda is for their own gain.

Know that your vote is the most important vote there is because it will affect your life, and it belongs to you alone.

Do vote.

Jack Pick



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