During my scheduled Hibbing Public Access Television (HPAT) interview, I wasn’t able to say as much as I’d like on this topic. What I did talk about was important to the school board. Thank you, Patty Miller.

Although I touched it a little on the title of this, it wasn’t enough for me.

So here we are. Back to the candidate forum.

One thing that surprised me was the absence of our current school board chair. Why does this man still get elected to the school board?

If an elected official deems himself “too good” (because that’s what it looks like to a lot of people) to come before the public and answer basic questions, why do they still get elected?

We as a community should be ashamed of ourselves.

If you were hiring someone for a J.O.B. and they refused to show up for the interview, would you hire them anyway?

Well, this community has “hired” the current school board chair year after election year. Then we wonder why our school board has been such an underachieving unit for how many years?

Our school-aged children, both HUE and AFSCME unions, and the community should be demanding more.

Just because someone’s name is always on the ballot does not mean you fill in that circle. Name recognition voting for school board members needs to stop.

Longevity does not equal smart decisions that help our community’s school-age children, teachers and supporting players, and the district. What it builds is complacency, a preconceived notion of power and the illusion of “being untouchable,” all while losing touch with what’s important.

The time has come. As Nov. 6 nears, you need to ask yourself why? Why has our school board been an underachieving unit?

Why doesn’t the current leader of the board come before the community humbled, be “out there” with the rest of us? Other current board members are humbling themselves.

In my opinion, this is the main problem with school board leadership. When any member has a sense of entitlement, when any member thinks they are “too good” to answer even one question, that’s a problem.

Am I alone in this thinking?

It seems to me a little common sense would go a long way in seeking true change at the school board level.

An issue I wasn’t able to bring up in my HPAT interview is why isn’t anyone talking about one huge group that’s being ignored, the AFSCME union. They don’t have a new contract either.

The AFSCME union is the custodians, secretaries, paraprofessionals, grounds crew, technology support, LPN’s, plumbers, electricians, etc.

I get that HUE gets most of the headlines, but the school district cannot run without the AFSCME union members. They are the “people behind the scenes.” They are HUE’s education partners, and the district acts like their voice does not exist.

One group does not work without the other. Again, common sense.

Joe Sacco


Candidate for a four-year term Hibbing School Board


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