Amy Klobuchar, Tina Smith, Keith Ellifson, Tim Walz and Joe Radinovich are for free entry, no prosecution of illegals and all of the benefits we have worked for given to the illegals.

All the aforementioned took oaths to uphold the Constitution and have reneged on their oaths and promises and should be held accountable. It is time for these politicians to think of Americans rather than people from other countries and get rid of sanctuary cities and states.

Where is the freedom and rights for all legal citizens guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America in these so called sanctuary cities? The police cannot enter most of the so called sanctuary cities anywhere in the world.

These legal and illegal “gimme-grants” want their own laws, there own stores without starting the stores themselves, their own languages and a multitude of other demands that the democratic party is willing to give these illegals just for votes.

These “gimme-grants” are moved into public housing with no concern for the Americans already living in that same housing. How can the democrats say they are protecting us and helping the working man by allowing illegals into our country without any background check for criminal history, mental or physical health problems or employability. They don't care how many American citizens get murdered, die from some terrible disease brought in with the illegals or raped or blown up by these mostly criminal types or how many jobs are lost to illegals, just so they can get some voters by sacrificing our safety, our health and our jobs.

The people that are inhabiting the sanctuary cities won't allow people of different nationalities or religion into their city nor even allow the people that lived there previously to practice their own religion, customs, or dress or shop as they used to.

How long before the sanctuary cities crowd into the next neighborhood? What happens to the people that are forced out of their neighborhood because of the bigotry within these sanctuary cities.

When our parents or grandparents came to America, they naturally settled with Americans that had common backgrounds and this led to creating small isolated communities within the larger community they lived in, such as Little Italy, Finntown, Chinatown, Spanish Harlem, Little Bohemia, Swede Town, etc.

As soon as people began marrying and forming families these new citizens melted in as Americans, not Italian-Americans, Swedish-Americans, Finnish-Americans etc. People emigrated to the United States to become Americans. They did not come to America to live as the citizens of their native lands.

Do not let those pushing for sanctuary cities destroy the melting pot of the world. We are not a multicultural nation but a nation with many cultures. And we are Americans.

Let the immigrants come, but make them conform to our laws, our customs, our ideals, our language and contribute to our society and keep America the “melting pot” of the world.

Jim Marcucci

An Immigrant



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