I’m for Paul McDonald for St. Louis County Commissioner.


I’ve known Paul all his life. He’s as honest as the day is long. And he’ll be honest to the taxpayers of District 4.

Next, he’s loyal to his family, friends and community. He’s been married to Tracy for 27 years, and with her help, he’s raised two lovely daughters. And true to the principles his parents taught him, he’s been loyal to his community.

Paul’s been raising money for good causes for over 25 years. He’s been mentoring young people and teaching them how to be good citizens for three decades. And he gets along with old and young alike.

Paul has proven that as a well-respected referee who is known for his fairness. And God knows we could use some good refereeing in these contentious times.

Paul McDonald will fight for the middle class. He’s been a leader in his union. He’s been a statewide advocate for working people before the legislature, supporting mining and good jobs for our people.

Paul has never forgotten his roots. He’s a fourth generation Ranger whose grandparents worked the mines. He knows that taconite mining remains the backbone of our economy and that copper nickel wealth could help our region thrive for many generations to come.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Paul McDonald is the leader we need. He’ll make us proud. Join me in voting for Paul on Nov. 6.

Tom Rukavina

St. Louis County Commissioner, District 4


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