In the spring of 1970, a man from India named Brother Barnabas came to speak at our college. He shared his powerful conversion story and with it a very sober warning for America.

He said the Lord Jesus told him to tell us if America didn't repent of its materialism three things would happen. I only remember two.

One was a plague among the youth. Drugs and drug use has become that plague.

The other was civil war. In 1970, we were pretty much a civil people. Today, constantly in the news we see civil unrest everywhere.

When Abraham Lincoln declared that blacks were persons and not property, civil war followed. If Roe vs. Wade is overturned and babies in the womb become protected as persons, the radical left would go looney.

Whatever the cause it appears that civil war is on the horizon.

We, as a nation, have enjoyed the tremendous blessings of God while at the sometime paying Him lip service and leading lives of open rebellion to his word. Most of us are biblically illiterate and have no idea of what is required of us.

We have become like Lucifer who waned his own kingdom apart from God. We are a stubborn and willful people and very reluctant to bend the knee to a God who is invisible.

It is my belief that the U.S.A. is heading for a showdown with the Almighty.

Good Luck America.

Tom Rosc



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