“Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign” from the Five Man Electrical Band should be the anthem for this election.

In keeping with that sentiment, I would like to take a minute to share why I support Aaron Baudeck for City Council in Ward 4.

I have known Aaron for many years, and he has a proven record in support of our community. Throughout the years, you could always see Aaron involved in numerous events from parades, to Winter Frolic activities, to the National Night Out and the recent Hibbing Rotary Club of Hibbing Chili cook-off to name just a few.

I have always known him to be willing to give and participate his time and talents for the betterment of Hibbing and its citizens.

As a father, Aaron is passionate about investing in the education of our children and maintaining our quality educators.

As a businessman, he knows the importance of maintaining and seeking out good paying jobs with benefits for our labor forces. This is the secret to continued community growth and will ensure our children have opportunities to stay here in Hibbing. Aaron will continue to support our current businesses and work to attract others.

Recently, Aaron has begun to invest his time as a council-appointed Chisholm-Hibbing Airport Authority director. The airport is crucial to the economic health and growth of Hibbing.

Living both in our rural and city communities for over 20 years, Aaron is knowledgeable of the needs and concerns of our citizens in both these areas.

Aaron does not have to make promises for what he will do. He can let his record stand for itself. Whether you are a resident of Ward 4 or not, I know Aaron will be an inclusive voice for all residents of Hibbing in this position.

If you are a resident of Ward 4, please give our community one of the best — Vote Aaron Baudeck for City Council Ward 4.

Gabe Johnson

Assumption Catholic School Principal


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