This morning’s edition of the HDT confirms what I have believed for a long time. As stated, Gov. Dayton’s former head of the Minnesota DNR, Tom Landwehr, has taken the leading role of “Friends of the Boundary Waters.” As you probably know, these folks (“Friends”) are against everything mining that is happening in northern Minnesota. As chief of the DNR, Landwehr and Dayton drug their feet for six years regarding water permitting for US Steel, Polymet Mining and lease decisions regarding the failed Essar Mining and the Enbridge Pipeline. Landwehr claimed, during that time, that he was FOR these projects/decisions. Now, in two short months, he heads the opposition to what he said he was FOR before.

Fast forward to current administration, Gov. Walz and current DNR head, Sarah Strommen. Strommen’s background? You guessed it, policy director for “Friends of the Boundary Waters.” Walz, too, before the election, looked northern Minnesota in the eye and said he favored all the things we favor.

With such large decisions ahead for northern Minnesota, where Polymet Mining is hanging in the lurch, US Steel being challenged in court regarding water permits, Hib Tac running out of ore, the Enbridge 3 pipeline project, do you think for one minute that Walz and Strommen are fighting for you? If Walz cared, he would have appointed somebody friendly to mining.

Remember, never trust wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Marc Sterle

Lifelong Hibbing resident


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