A response to the article “Council candidate questioned about social media post” published Friday, Aug. 19.

Nationally and locally, it is without a doubt the political season. No matter what season happens to be coming or going, it should always be humanity season.

That’s why at a time when every vote counts, seeing Chisholm City Council members and the mayor of Chisholm bullying Chisholm city resident Brandan Fiedler with patronizing tones, smirks, intimidation and overt defensiveness is incredibly disheartening.

I encourage you to watch it for yourself on YouTube “Chisholm City Council deflects criticism over Ironbound Studios.”

Every city resident has every right to question any number of council members as they choose.

Each council member has been elected individually and is accountable individually.

Each city resident has every right to share their opinions publicly on any social media format of their choosing. Doing so isn’t “hiding behind a keyboard” as Mike Jugovich and Todd Scaia labeled it.

What am I doing? Hiding behind a newspaper?

We all have the right to question and criticize our elected officials without being intimidated. How are Brandan’s actions considered “creating enemies” because of this? What?

This isn’t the kind “experienced leadership” that I want representing our community.

Again, it should always be humanity season. That’s why I will also encourage our communities to be accepting of the offending council members’ and/or the mayor’s apologies — should one ever be humbly bestowed upon us.

Sooner than later would be good, since Nov. 8 isn’t that far away.

Lori Stavnes



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