With the news of the Hibbing Public Utilities commission increasing its rates by 10 percent, it seems to me that, once again, Hibbing is making it harder than before to get new businesses in our area and houses to buy or sell. My utilities in the winter are as high as a small mortgage payment! How is anyone on a fixed income going to pay an increase of that magnitude on already existing high rates? We are already one of the highest of all the municipalities in northern Minnesota.

There isn't much left in our little city. Hibbing used to be the hub of the Iron Range. For a city that has great history and prosperity, it is a shame that the cost of living here has gotten so ridiculous that I am planning to sell my home and move so I can afford to live and pay my bills. The utility companies in smaller cities have always been a monopoly but this is going to end badly.

Rene Whitlock



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