It is that we who live in the Zim bog (Meadowlands Township myself) have: avid bird watching people from throughout the world visit us seeking the many species of birds here. I totally support them, except in one area: their total disregard to public and their own safety. To start is the persons driving County Highway 7, a 55 MPH road, at speeds of 25 MPH or less, trying to spot that special bird. This is done in the primary driving lane with no warning such as emergency flashers to warn approaching traffic. When they do find what they are seeking, they notify others who join them, and now there is a group of cars parked on both sides of the roadway — some partially on the road, and people are milling about paying no attention to traffic. Again, no warning for others. Returning home yesterday, I had to pass three such gatherings, and two cars wouldn't be able to pass each other on the road. Each year this gets worse. Now is the time for law enforcement to get involved.

Ron Genise



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