Editor’s note: This is in response to Sport Editor Gary Giombetti’s column “Olympics not so good” published Sunday, Feb. 17.

Mr. Giombetti, your column regarding the Olympics started pessimistically and never recovered. What happened to optimism and humility?

The Olympics, regardless of medal count, are about sportsmanship, ability and the world coming together under ONE flag — the Olympic flag.

Athletes work their entire lives to get here, yet you disrespect them, their families and our country with your “disgust.”

The games are meant to inspire us.

Should we always be at the top? Living in snow and having outstanding training facilities doesn’t mean we should dominate these games. We prove who we are and what we’re made of after defeat.

I’ll always cheer for the underdog, my countrymen, the last place finisher and especially for those in fourth place, but I’ll also share the agony in every fall, misstep or missed opportunity regardless of country.

You said you couldn’t even “watch the United States,” and I wanted to verbally thrash you. Then I saw Lindsey Vonn, a Minnesotan, be thrilled to see her teammates’ rise in the ranks as her gold medal slipped away.

I decided to be better, and I invite you into my home to see, hear and feel what I do.

Bring earplugs, it gets loud up in here.

Kate Arens



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