Editor’s note: This is in response to the article “Removal of Ten Commandments questioned” published in the Thursday, March 8, edition.


As a practicing Christian I do not find the removal of the Ten Commandments to be about art, or even religion, but ideas. For in the commandments is a coherent moral code and impetus. That is to say it defines what is right and gives cause to do right.

What is noteworthy here is not that that they are being removed by atheists. What is profound is that they are not replaced by atheism.

Herein lies the glaring deficit of their incomplete worldview. It can abolish but not construct, remove but not replace. Atheism cannot codify any good thing.

To see this moment clearly is to see atheism’s greatest weakness, not its moment of triumph.

My friendly challenge to atheists is to leave the ideals embedded in the Ten Commandments alone until such time that you can effectively replace them. Put your moral code and moral impetus into a series of succinct statements. Then let’s talk about removing ours?

John Weiher



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