Editor’s note: This is in response to the article “Mountain Iron City Council holds discussion on gun control” published in the March 7 edition.


I read the piece by Angie Riebe (of Mesabi Daily News) about Mayor Gary Skalko flying off the handle about gun rights and schools. Absurd!

Perhaps Teacher Skalko should have done his homework before standing in front of the class pontificating about something he apparently knows very little about.

Orchids to Councilor Skogman for attempting to teach Teacher Skalko about firearms.

I offer the following piece published in the Federalist “If you’re trying to ban guns, the least you can do is learn the basics” by David Harsanyl. The sub-line reads “In a debate imbued with emotion, gun control advocates rely on ignorance.”

I think Mayor Skalko is starting to go cuckoo in his senior years.

Jimmy Saranpaa



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