Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the article “City is razing the old Glass School” published in the Feb. 4 edition.


I’m angry.

I’m angry that my school, the Glass School, was razed.

I was stunned to see the picture of it coming down as were many of us who attended that school. That building was one of four in the entire world and should have been on the historic register.

It should never have been sold to anyone to only end in disrepair.

The responsibility for razing does not necessarily rest on the village board or the Hibbing Economic Development Authority (HEDA), but the onus lies with the members of the school board at the time it was sold. They were not diligent in checking the school’s history.

My conclusion: If you were not born and raised in Hibbing or attend one of the schools, you have no business on the school board. You do not have our best interest.

Apologies to those who think this is “snarky.” So be it.

With that I say, “Goodbye, Park School. You gave us wonderful memories.”

Roberta Jackson Bispala

Germantown, Wis.

HHS Class of ‘56


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