Editor's note: This is in response to a letter to the editor written by outreach officer Johnnie Forrest of SD6.

I want to clear this up to the public and stress that any further slander will not be accepted.

On March 19, I got a call from Cathy Daniels. She called to alert me that during a meeting which had no minutes taken, I was voted to be "removed" from my DFL titles. She stated the reasons given in the call were because I was "running against a seasoned candidate" (David Tomassoni) for the District Six Senate seat.

Another excuse that was given was a blatant lie accusing me of trying to "sue the DFL," as well as many other false accusations. I filed a challenge form at the suggestion of Ken Martin. Results of challenge: boards action were illegal, no right to remove me, and did not follow procedure.

Given the board’s diversity, I focus on the underrepresented areas of the district. The issue is not my commitment; it's a systematic assault as a result of standing up to the old boys’ club. The voters are outside the DFL Hibbing office.

The op-ed is his personal declaration to use all means available to kick me out the party.

I am striving to move the party forward and not relying upon the old boys’ club to make all the decisions.

I knock on doors throughout the year. Sign up new voters through inclusion. Meet with candidates and help in any capacity, including but not limited to: knocking on doors, working parades, or strategizing.

I am focused on bringing new jobs and industries to the area without destroying the environment.

Johnnie accuses me of "pressing charges" against Cathy Daniels, describing her as "medicated and elderly." I followed protocol (as stated above) at the suggestion of Minnesota DFL party chair Ken Martin and filed letter of challenge forms.

I never, as he stated, "pressed charges" against anyone. Calling someone “medicated and elderly” as a way of shielding them from criticism is every bit as grotesque and condescending as it would be to invalidate her actions on those bases.

I expect more from an Outreach and Inclusion Officer of the DFL, not outright slander and threats.

Christopher Horoshak

SD6 Director


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