Editor’s note: This is in response to the article “Removal of Ten Commandments questioned” published in the Thursday, March 8, edition.


I recently read that a bronze plaque containing the Ten Commandments has been removed from Hibbing’s courthouse at the request of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). Although the plaque has remained in place since 1958, the FFRF, a nonprofit, now believes it violates the First Amendment’s establishment clause.

Some important facts to note: the Freedom From Religion Foundation is an atheist, secular humanist group. In other words, they are ironically, religious.

They are based in Madison, Wis., not Minnesota.

FFRF’s co-presidents are each paid $93,000 per year (according to their 2016 IRS form 990) to maintain the separation of church and state. Unfortunately for them, the phrase “separation of church and state” is found nowhere in our Constitution.

My hope and prayer is that your readers will contact the leaders of St. Louis County and ask them to bring back the plaque.

The words contained in it are foundational to our republic and embody a morality that is in desperate need today.

Stephen Ruggero,

St. Paul


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