We, the undersigned retirees of ISD 701, stand with Dan Gotz. We believe the person and her attorneys bringing the lawsuit against him have violated his PELRA rights and rights in the ISD 701 contract on right to privacy during an investigation. Her child also violated school policy not only in the student handbook, but also Article XIII, Section1 C of the union contract, which reads “All teacher evaluations shall be made in writing and shall be conducted openly and with full knowledge of the teacher. Evaluations may be conducted by the parties listed in Section D. The use of eavesdropping, public address systems, or audio systems and similar surveillance devices for monitoring or observing the work performance of a teacher shall be prohibited.” ISD 701 is the employer and the teacher is the employee.

We feel by the parent and lawyers going public Mr. Gotz will be tried by the public and not the correct administrative protocol. Also, upon hearing and reading the information given to the public we feel some has been altered, taken out of context and thus does not show what the student has done.

We feel students need to learn how teasing and bullying differ. This is a generational problem of understanding the differences.

We want to see Mr. Gotz back in the classroom.


Pam Nichols

Diana Giombetti

Gabriel Brisbois

Linda S. Suikkonen

Steve Koskovich

Shirley Burritt

Gen Lervick

Maureen Kearney

Mike Meisbaurer

Susan Schock

Allen Lipke

John Tingestad

Lowell Stagg

Terry Maciej

Carol Maciej

Ken Ricker

Oscar Schock

Ted Neary

Iron Range retired teachers


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