On behalf of the Range Hybrid Court Team, we would like to thank all of those who contributed their time in making this series including our participants, our colleagues and partners, and those throughout the entire District that interviewed with the Hibbing News Tribune. Sharing your perspective shed light on the reality of treatment court programs in the Sixth Judicial District and most importantly, brought forward the reality of substance abuse disorders and mental health disorders.

The courage of those who shared their unique stories is what continues to inspire treatment court teams to work hard at justice reform, giving people the hope and support they need. It is important the public be aware of the role these community collaborations play in our criminal justice system; as well as see the impact it has on the individuals we serve. After all they are our neighbors, friends, and family.

It is powerful to be a part of something so transforming. I have never met a team member on the Range and throughout the Sixth District who doesn’t appreciate their role in this process. Judge Anderson frequently states that Treatment Court is her favorite day of the week; a feeling that is shared by all of us sitting at the table, each Thursday, week after week, here in your courthouses on the Iron Range. Court is open to the public, we welcome visitors Thursday mornings in Virginia for our Hybrid Court and Thursday afternoons in Hibbing for the Mental Health Court.

Thank you to our team members. Lives are changed because of your commitment and willingness to go above and beyond; to work through the challenges to achieve better outcomes for our communities. Treatment Courts can’t sustain without the broad support of our justice partners and the community. Because of all of you, taxpayers save money, people have returned to work, to school, regained their driver’s license, and so much more. People are reclaiming their lives; words can’t describe the gratitude.

Aleesha Ward

Treatment Court Coordinator | Northern St. Louis, Lake & Cook County

Minnesota Sixth Judicial District | Aleesha.Ward@courts.state.mn.us


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