Fireflies danced across the green field providing a magical light show against the dark of the night. The stars above twinkled enhancing the ambience of the evening.

Time seemed to stand still – in the midst of a pandemic – months after we first started to take precautions and our lives as we know it changed.

There are moments in life, like in the movies, where it seems like time stops and you can feel the intensity of the moment you are in. And times where you can feel the meaning and value of where you are at.

I have experienced that before with significant happenings, and also simple instances.

When I had my first kiss with my husband, as two teenagers falling in love, I felt butterflies swirl around my tummy. For those seconds that our lips touched, the rest of the world disappeared. We were the only ones who mattered. He still makes my belly flip flop when his blue eyes gaze at me with love.

The night my dad passed away, I felt like I stepped outside my body, watching in slow motion the scene that unfolded – seeing the doctors leaving the hospital room and my family alone to fall apart. My entire world halted and there was an intense pain and immense loss that hit my heart like a ton of bricks.

When the doctors put our daughter on my chest after she was born, the profound emotion came over me was powerful. There were tears instantly streaming expressing the immeasurable joy I felt. She was – and is – all it takes to pause time where I am completely immersed in the experience and appreciative of the moments.

Here I was today sitting on a swing overlooking a lake on a warm summer evening with a light warm breeze tickling my skin, and I could feel all the feels of life. The smell of a fire tugged at my nose bringing with it a smile of warm memories of roasting marshmallows with family.

The rest of the globe with the worry and anxiety and unrest it has brought lately faded away as I took a deep breath and reflected on my blessings. The quiet was refreshing after months of listening to the news or seeing social media posts about the pandemic, the riots, and the economic state.

Sometimes it is the small moments that bring us that sense of calm and peace in the midst of chaos and remind us of the significance of life.

Whether it is watching those fireflies bringing light into your life or letting the sunshine beam on your face, may you let time stand still in good ways, so you can let in the good and truly feel it.

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