One afternoon I happened to come across a show that I found surprisingly entertaining. It’s called, The Great British Baking Show.

I own a stand mixer, but aside from that, my baking skills are very limited. There are a few varieties of cookies, a couple of sweet bread recipes and a few cakes that I’ve successfully produced.

I’ve had very little success with anything requiring yeast, aside from making homemade cinnamon rolls or pizza dough. In fact, yeast scares me and I normally avoid any recipe that calls for it.

My failures in the kitchen are what attracted me to tune in to the Great British Baking Show. I found it fun to watch the contestants on the show scrambling to bake the recipe before them — with the judges shouting out how many minutes are left – adding to the suspense.

One aspect of this show I find exciting is hearing each contestant’s plans for what they intend to bake and seeing if it works out. Some of the contestants appear to have everything go their way, while others struggle with every step.

One of my own memorable failures in the kitchen happened when I set out to bake a pan of blonde brownie bars that I intended to donate to a benefit.

I had previously baked this exact recipe and found it to be easy. This time around, I grabbed baking soda instead of baking powder while measuring out the dry ingredients.

The end result was an overgrown pan of bars that was unsuitable to donate, so I had to start all over again. On the second attempt, I made sure to double check my ingredients list.

My failed attempt at baking brownies is just one reason I’m entertained observing the contestants having failures on the Great British Baking Show.

Of course, I also enjoy seeing the lovely cakes and other perfect creations made by the more successful contestants.


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