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Victor Power

The Mesaba Ore didn’t share the opinion of the editor of the Chisholm Tribune-Herald that Hibbing Village President Victor Power was too valuable an asset locally to be sent to run state affairs as governor.

The following editorial appeared Sat., June 9, 1917, in The Mesaba Ore:


Editor Brown, of the Chisholm Tribune-Herald, is of the opinion that Victor L. Power, president of the village of Hibbing, is far too big a man to “run for governor” and that his splendid abilities are more useful to the ranges than they would be to the state.

The Chisholm editor deplores the apparent attempt to drag Mr. Power out of his law office and force him into the political arena.

It is quite true that Mr. Power is a useful member of society in this particular locality — more so in fact, than the Chisholm man has given him credit for in times past — and it is quite true that it is Mr.. Power’s due that he be consulted as to his desires in the premises.

There is a growing demand for a big, able, conscientious, fearless man like Mr. Power at the head of affairs in Minnesota, and we hope the pressure will become so strong that he cannot resist it. Minnesota needs a man like him as its chief executive — needs a man with the strength, ability, vision and courage, and Mr. Power possesses those among his many other qualifications.

The call for Mr. Power to become a candidate for governor is not coming from the aristocracy of the state. No, Indeed. It is coming from the people who recognize in him the one man who could and would give the state back to the people, and protect them against the ever increasing invasion of the Privileged Class.

Mr. Power is in no sense a candidate. He has repeatedly refused to listen to all overtures leading in that direction. As Editor Brown says, Mr. Power has built up a fine law practice which is worth a great deal more to him than any political office within the gift of the people, and he should be left in the enjoyment of a business he loves. That’s exactly what Mr. Power desires.

Mr. Power was made the candidate of the people of Hibbing against his wish, and see what came of it — Hibbing advertised the world over as the one town on earth that beat the mighty Steel corporation. Having been forced in, he has repeatedly sacrificed his business interests in order to stay with the big fight that meant so much to the people who had put their faith in him His only reward was the sense of having done the right thing at the right time.

Such a man as that would make the kind of a governor that would set the good old State of Minnesota up where it belongs, and it is little wonder that the people want him in the place where he can do the most good.


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