CHISHOLM — There’s much excitement at Range Center, Inc. about the production of a new line of candles.

The candles developed at Range Center’s Day Training and Habilitation Program (DTHP) consists of four new fragrances of jar candles. They are all hand poured and made from 100 percent soy and a high-quality, long-burning wax. Other products include the popular pillar candles and specialty candles, along with gourmet dog treats, fire starters and more.

Raini Knaeble, Director of Vocational Services, said the candles were introduced at an open house at Range Center SoHo Art in Hibbing earlier this month, and have since been a hit with shoppers.

“The most popular fragrance, ‘A Walk in The Woods’, sold out,” Knaeble said.

While restocking inventory of this new candle line, the staff at the Range Center is working on efficiency, so the candles can be marketed and sold at a competitive rate.

The jar candles are currently sold at $15 apiece at both the Range Center headquarters in Chisholm and at Range Center SoHO Arts in Hibbing. Range Center is currently exploring other outlets for future sales.

Marketing the new line of candles competitively allows Range Center to compensate the people served at the DTHC who are working for minimum wage, rather than by a piece rate typical for other products produced.

During a recent tour of the Range Center, Rick and Jeff were seen adhering labels to the bottoms of the jars and adding the wicks. From there the jars went to another station, where Randy poured the hot wax, in a liquid form, into the jar. Then at a third station, another worker named Jeff cleaned the excess wax off, Jamie placed the labels on the front of the jar, and then Sara placed the covers on and boxed up the finished product.

Naming the new line of candles

A contest was held where the individuals working on making the candles could vote on names of the three fragrances, and there were also some write-in suggestions. In addition to “A Walk in The Woods,” the names selected included, “Oh Happy Day,” “Spring Blossom” and “Citrus Garden.”

Where to buy them

The candles are currently available at Range Center headquarters at 1001 Northwest Eighth St. in Chisholm and at SoHo Arts at in Hibbing.

About Range Center, Inc.

Center-based programs at Range Center include community employment and work services including candle manufacturing, recycling, assisting in the kitchen, enclave work sites and recreational opportunities.


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