Driver cited after crashing into United Methodist Church

Driver cited after crashing into United Methodist Church.

CHISHOLM – The Chisholm Police Department issued the rare citation of “duty to drive with due care” in city limits after a local woman allegedly crashed her vehicle into the United Methodist Church on Monday morning.

Police officers said 51-year-old Lisa Gilman was driving at about 9 a.m. northbound on the snow-covered 300 block of First Avenue when she lost control of her Honda Civic and crashed it into the lower level entrance on the east side of the church, damaging the doorway and breaking a basement window.

No injuries were reported.

A spokesperson for the church told reporters that the damaged areas have been secured until repairs are made. The entrance on the upper level of the church outside of the sanctuary is expected to be used in the interim.

According to Minnesota Statute 169.14, “No person shall drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions. Every driver is responsible for becoming and remaining aware of the actual and potential hazards then existing on the highway and must use due care in operating a vehicle.”

Officers said alcohol was not a factor in the crash.


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