CHISHOLM — The Chisholm School Board on Monday approved a two-year contract between the school district and Education Minnesota-Chisholm, the union that represents the district’s teachers.

The contract is retroactive to July 1 and is scheduled to expire on June 30, 2021.

E-learning days are one of the additions to the contract.

This latest contract follows the 2017-2019 contract, which was settled in March after two years of negotiations. Last year contract negotiations in the Chisholm School District made statewide news headlines as it was the only district in the state without a current teacher contract in place.

Changes in the 2019-2021 contract include provisions for E-learning, which allows students to study from home during inclement weather.

School Superintendent Dr. Janey Blanchard said the addition of E-learning is going to help with the decision to call school off due to weather.

“We will not have to worry about make-up days until after five weather days,” Blanchard said, while noting it will also help with the learning to be continuous.

“In the event of inclement weather, the district may choose to implement e-learning days for up to five days,” it reads.

Teachers in grades six through 12 would be expected to post in an online format academic work for their students using email, google classroom or another appropriate means.

Grades kindergarten through five will have put together packets of work that students may do during this time. In the event that a teacher does not have or loses internet access, the work can be given the next day.

Other changes in the agreement include changes in language, benefits and salary.

Blanchard said steps and lanes were used to determine any salary increases during the first year of the agreement. The second year of the agreement included a 2 percent increase across the board.

The school board unanimously approved the contract at the meeting on Monday.

Blanchard said Education Minnesota-Chisholm had also given its approval, and that it was just awaiting signatures.

An attempt to reach Tim Provinzino, the president of Education Minnesota-Chisholm on Tuesday for a comment was unsuccessful.

In other contract-related news, the school board on Monday also approved two year agreements for Cheyenne Mikkola-Rahja, confidential superintendent’s administrative assistant and Melissa Cappo, confidential financial assistant. Both votes were unanimous, with Chair Bob Rahja abstaining from the vote on Mikkola-Rahja’s contract.


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