CHISHOLM — The City of Chisholm is in the process of converting to a new instant alert system called the Everbridge/Northland Alert System.

Through this system, the public can sign up to receive messages from the city and its various departments. Enrollment is free to the public.

The city council recently approved the Everbridge/Northland Alert System, with the lower cost being a factor. It will replace the RAVE system, which was previously used by the city.

Chisholm City Administrator Bill Manney said city staff is being trained on the new system, while proclaiming Police Chief Vern Manner as the city’s “resident expert” on it at the moment.

Manner said the Everbridge System is used by most all municipalities in our area and is more user-friendly than the previous system.

Citizens can choose to sign up for notifications from the following:

•Essential services, police fire and public works


•Parks and recreation

•Chamber of Commerce

•Community Events

When signing up for Chisholm, residents can also sign up to receive notifications from the county and other cities.

Manney said in addition to having the ability to alert citizens, the new system will also be a benefit internally for the city.

With the new system in place, a 4 a.m. callout for the public works department to plow snow will only take about 10 seconds. Rather than calling each employee, the public works supervisor, Larry Folstad, will now be able to send one call out through the new system.

The employees then would notify Folstad that they received the notification.

The new alert system also has the capability to coordinate the city’s various emergency response components.

To sign up for the Everbridge/Northland Alert system, you can go to or download the Everbridge app.


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